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As the Kunming summer is too pleasant for our swedish constitutions, some of us decided to return to the comforting stillness in the cold, dark north, while others went on boot camp in China’s vast western deserts and the desolate mountains of Karakorum and Tibet. There, we learnt much about shabbiness, and food, and stomach sickness, and have finally returned to Kunming with new enthusiasm, strengthened digestive systems, and some reviews of truly god-forsaken places in the pipeline.

But the blog has in the meantime been severely infected by spam, and vikings as we are, we lack the technical skills to fix this in any smooth way (ask us about recipies for reindeer stew, though…) We have thus resorted to simply shutting of the comments function for now. If you still want to shower us in praise, you can do so by sending private messages to Natsymir on

Thanks for your understanding, and look here once (or twice, or thrice…) in a blue moon, there’ll be updates soon.