Hiatus Report and a slight alteration

Lest anybody should assume that this blog is dead and gone, we feel it’s time to assert that it’s only on a temporary hiatus. The reason for this is that all the contributors have at presently relocated back to the northern scandinavian wastes, where things are certainly rough, but not very shabby. There’s thus no possibility of making further shabbiness reviews, for now. There are many restaurants in Kunming that we wanted to review; some of which we do have sufficient material from to possibly post a review despite having relocated, but others that really deserved our attention simply can’t get it until an hypotetical future where we again find ourselves in Kunming. There’s also the possibility of extending this blog to cover other parts of China; at the very least, we’ll be sure to post Bonus Features as soon as we again sets foot on chinese soil.

The main reason for this post, however, is to call your attention to a slight change of an old review. Repeated visists to Lǎo Déhóng (老德宏) over time convinced us that, although everything we claimed in the old review was correct, the general food quality is somewhat extraordinary for such a shabby place, and it’s actually on par with three times as expensive Dai restaurants elsewhere in town. Accordingly, Lǎo dé hóng actually deserves a rating of  5 laowai for it’s food (we had given it 4 before).

This was all for now. Check back once in a blue moon; there will be more updates.

Omfg! Omfg!

After all this time, we finally found one:


We don’t really know how to process this yet, but it could be observed that epic-level gourmet restaurants where you’d take your parents without a moment’s hesitation, such as Makye Ame and CJF-Mark  still only has a B rating, whereas a shitty McDonalds rippoff in Dali qualifies for the magical A:


We’re left to assume that the main criterion is a shitload of bribes. In either case, we can rest assured in the continued conviction that the cleanest restaurants are not necessarily the fanciest, nor even nearly the best; the latter something we’ll continue to explore, as it’s our raison d’être.

Spam Alert

As the Kunming summer is too pleasant for our swedish constitutions, some of us decided to return to the comforting stillness in the cold, dark north, while others went on boot camp in China’s vast western deserts and the desolate mountains of Karakorum and Tibet. There, we learnt much about shabbiness, and food, and stomach sickness, and have finally returned to Kunming with new enthusiasm, strengthened digestive systems, and some reviews of truly god-forsaken places in the pipeline.

But the blog has in the meantime been severely infected by spam, and vikings as we are, we lack the technical skills to fix this in any smooth way (ask us about recipies for reindeer stew, though…) We have thus resorted to simply shutting of the comments function for now. If you still want to shower us in praise, you can do so by sending private messages to Natsymir on www.gokunming.com.

Thanks for your understanding, and look here once (or twice, or thrice…) in a blue moon, there’ll be updates soon.